Zoom Strip Light. LED Single Row 4.4W/ft

Strip Light. LED Single Row 4.4W/ft



Instead of the standard Double Coated Tissue Tape on the market, Anony’s LED uses 3M VHB Tape which increases overall durability with a higher resistance to temperature cycling, moisture, and solvents. The LED chips used offers high quality colour rendering that supports the needs of architects, electricians, and contractors. This low wattage option allows for longer runs with minimal use of drivers.

Anony uses 2835 chip instead of the 3525 chips. The most advanced type of SMD's on the market are 2835. 2835 has increased light emitting surface area and has better heat sink qualities. 



Dimension: 5/16in, W8mm

Cut Length: 1.3in, 3.33cm

LED Chips: 180/m, 55/ft

Spool: 5m, 16.4’

Adhesive: 3M VHB



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